SweetRiver Con // November 8-10, 2019

Frequently asked questions


There are conventions for Riverdale in other international cities, but it was missing one in Canada. What better place to hold the convention right where the show is filmed — Vancouver, British Columbia.


Confirmed Guests at SweetRiver Con can be found on the details page. There are more guests to be announced soon!

When will Passes go on sale?

Passes go on sale January 16 at 10am PT. We suggest subscribing to our newsletter (form at the bottom of this page) so you don't miss any announcements or news! We will announce exact dates and times via social media and the newsletter.


The Pinnacle Harbourtfront Hotel is offering rooms at a discounted rate for those attending the convention.

Reserve your room for SweetRiver Con here.


Vancouver International Airport (YVR), 3211 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond, BC V7B 0A4

Someone is selling a pass online – how do I know it’s legit?

Well…you don’t.

We highly recommend against purchasing passes from a third party. The best way to protect yourself from being ripped off is to buy from our authorized website and our ticketing platform (Eventbrite).

When purchasing from a 3rd party there is no way for you to know if that pass has been forged, photo copied, or tampered with. Passes that are not legitimate (in other words, passes that have been forged, photo copied, or tampered with) will NOT be honoured.

Can I purchase two VIP passes?

Please Note: ONE (1) guest VIP pass per person. i.e. You cannot purchase one Camila Mendes VIP and one Skeet Ulrich VIP for yourself. Doing so will result in an automatic refund. You must enter the attendees name for the pass - we'll be checking IDs at registration.

Can I buy passes at the door?

We highly recommend purchasing passes ahead of time. If it would ruin your weekend to miss a particular admission, autograph or photo op ticket, then buy it ahead of time. We can never guarantee that a certain pass or extra won’t sell out before the convention. 

If I don't purchase a certain pass can I purchase pass extras and build my own package?

You can certainly build your own package buy purchasing the general admission pass and adding on pass extras a la carte through Eventbrite!

What is a panel?

A panel is a group discussion on a topic they enjoy. The panelist speakers are our guests and/or professionals who work in the related industry. The floor will be opened up at the end of every panel for a Q&A.

What is a photo op?

A Photo Ops allows you to take a professional photo with a guest (maximum of 2 attendees per Photo Op). Some Photo Ops are included in select SweetRiver Con passes. You can have a Photo Op with more than one Guest, as there are many guests attending SweetRiver Con.

What is a meet & greet?

All SweetRiver Con Meet & Greets come with a hot breakfast served by Pinnacle Hotel! Additionally, A Meet & Greet allows you to spend time (approx. 30 minutes) with the guest and a few other attendees.

Please note: ALL Meet & Greets are happening at the SAME TIME. This limits your choice to ONE Meet & Greet per day.

What is an Autograph Session?

This is an organized session of time set aside by our guests to sign items that you have brought or purchased. You are welcome to purchase as many autograph passes as you'd like. You can either bring your own item or headshots will be provided at the guests's table. Please refrain from sharing personal stories with the guests. Social media is a wonderful platform which you can share your stories through. Doing so at the autograph table delays the schedule and takes away the guest's time from other attendees. We ask that you respect this rule.

How does the Autograph session work?

Most autographs from our guests work on a first come, first serve basis. Be sure to check the SweetRiver Con program for a schedule of Autograph sessions (TBA). Not all guests sign every day, so you don’t want to miss anyone.

When do I choose the photo ops and autographs for my package?

You’ll receive your package on Friday, November 8 during registration, you choose your photo ops and autographs then. We’ve reserved enough for the packages, but early arrival for registration is recommended!

Can I get a selfie with a guest?

Selfies are only available in select SweetRiver Con passes. Unfortunately, due to scheduling restraints selfie extras at SweetRiver Con will not be available. View a list of what is included with the passes here.

What is a Service Charge?

There is a service charge for that applies to all passes purchased through Eventbrite and Square (onsite).
It is a necessity for promoters to have these fees in order to pay for all the expenses of putting on an event, particularly with the ever-increasing costs of booking celebrities, airfares, venues, insurances, staffing, etc. 

Why didn’t you invite “fill in your guest here”?

Unity Events strives to get the guests that a majority of fans will want to see. The number one reason guests can’t be a part of our show are their schedules. All of these people have very busy lives, so sometimes it is difficult to find the time to attend. Riverdale will likely be filming during the time of SweetRiver Con — you never know who will make an appearance at the convention!


All convention contracts allow guests to cancel if filming or other work arises, or, of course, if illness occurs. When you purchase a ticket you are purchasing a ticket to an event not an appearance of a particular guest. In the rare occasion that a guest cancels, Unity Events is only responsible for the refund (if you wish) or exchange for separate passes for that guests’ autograph, photo op, or duo photo ops in which they are included. If their signature is part of a package, Unity Events will do its best to offer other guests’ autograph(s) instead, but as cancellations often occur at the last minute, Unity Events is not obligated to do so. 

When will you post the schedule?

The SweetRiver Con schedule will be posted closer to the date of the event on our website and social media platforms. Our guests are busy people and with that, comes the difficulty of making a schedule well in advance. Unity Events will try and set up a schedule for the fans as soon as possible, but please be warned, things always change.

Can I Cosplay (dress up)?

Cosplaying the characters from the show is highly encouraged. However, we have a strict NO WEAPONS policy - this goes for real and fake weapons. There have been too many unfortunate events going on in the world and this would take away from an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.


If you would like to set up a booth to sell your fan art, jewelry, clothing, etc., please visit our Vendor Inquiry page and we can assist you. Note that vendors from all fandoms are welcome!

How can I obtain a PRESS/media pass?

You can apply for a press/media pass here.