Videogames are a bigger industry than movies

You might not believe it, but the video game industry is bigger than Hollywood. In fact, in 2014, the online gaming industry made $67 billion and movies only made $36 billion. This blog post will focus on why video games are such a huge business and what you can do to get your share of that pie!

One reason that the video game industry is bigger than Hollywood is that there are a higher number of gamers. In fact, teenagers and young adults make up 47% of the entire gaming population! This means you have access to millions upon millions of potential fans for your games. Also, many people who play video games also go to movies so it would be a good idea to target both of those groups.

Another reason that video games are such big business is because people like playing them and it can be considered an art form. Many gamers play games as a way to relax, whereas others play games as a hobby or even professionally! Some companies make their money from in-game purchases while others make money from the games themselves.

The final reason that video games are bigger than movies is because of major events like E-Sports and how they bring in millions upon millions of people to watch! One example is League of Legends which has more views on Twitch than all television programming combined. This means that if you can get your game into the eSports industry, there is money to be made!