Person Events


Since we are unable to travel and work, the number of online events has increased. Interacting and meeting virtually has become critical, whether in the context of a one-on-one meeting, live presentation, or a combination of all of these. Virtual Events are the answer to many of the problems caused by COVID-19.
While the COVID-19 epidemic stopped “conventional” comic conventions for much of 2020 and early 2021, organizers are slowly resuming in-person events. Following the benefits of online events to offline events, we will discuss the in-person events scheduled.

Online Events

Whether or not CORONA started, digital events have always offered a significant benefit that can assist firms in increasing worldwide engagement, connection, and revenue. Online events allow you to save both time and money. It all starts with not having to travel to a venue, not having to reserve any lodging or transportation, and not spending time setting up. Virtual conferences do not require hospitality or other forms of housing; thus, the event organizer will save money. It is more environmentally friendly because no travel is necessary. It is more convenient, and one may complete more work in a shorter amount of time.

Offline Events

Offline Events

Naturally, where there are benefits, there are also drawbacks. Offline events are more personal online ones since there is more in-person interaction. When an event is well-organized, it holds the audience’s attention, making an in-person event more enjoyable. Rather than attending an event with a few well-known persons and then departing the virtual meeting, participants get to communicate with one another.

In-person Events Scheduled

Few forums has organized events and conferences for people of all ages and professions that follow the COVID-19 guidelines. The following are some of the events that are going to take place:

Smoke ‘N’ Spurs Festival – A tradeshow and consumer fair in Powassan

Canmore Highland Games- A tradeshow and sports-related event held in Centennial Park, Canmore
Creston Valley Fall Fair- An event related to arts and crafts Creston & District Community Complex, Creston
Saskatoon Entertainment Expo- An expo related to toys in Prairieland Park, Saskatoon, Canada
Rotary District 7010 Conference- A business conference in Timmins

Spurs Festival

The above is only a sample of the events that are being planned. If you feel confident enough to attend an in-person event, you may do so, but only if you follow COVID-19 safety guidelines.
It goes without saying that virtual events are far less personal than in-person events. Connecting with people online isn’t the same as doing so in person. However, given the current state of COVID and the inconvenient nature of travel, online events may still be worth considering. However, few forums have decided to hold in-person gatherings because the situation appears to be improving.