Terms Of Sale


We ask you to read the detailed terms and conditions below, which will be applied to all conventions organized by Unity Events Canada (Unity Events). You agree when you purchase your ticket, to respect them.

The pass (VIP or General Admission) is compulsory to attend the convention.

To buy pass extra (photo ops, autographs and all other extras), each participant must have a pass for admission.

Please read the terms of sale before you purchase, acknowledge and accept.

All passes and pass extras must be purchased through Eventbrite. Do NOT purchase passes or pass extras from any untrusted third party. All prices are subject to change, please order as early as possible. Capacity pending, we will sell passes at the door.

Any passes with autographs and photo ops included in the package will be chosen at the time of registration at the venue. Pass extras are available to purchase online and on site.

Treat your pass and/or pass extras like cash. Unity Events is not responsible for any lost or stolen passes/pass extras.

All attendees MUST be 14+ to attend the event. Any attendees under the age of 14 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian, this parent or guardian MUST purchase a Pass.

On the day of the event, please bring a piece of ID, your ticket (either printed or via the Eventbrite app) to the venue for registration. At the time of registration, you will receive a badge and/or wristband. Wearing the wristband/badge is mandatory during the time of the convention, and presented to Unity Events staff for any access. The absence of the wristband/badge or refusal to present it, can prevent access to the event.

At the time of registration, attendees will receive their selected package and its items. Pass extras can be purchased online and on site.

In case the event is postponed, tickets will be automatically carried over to the new date announced. If the event is canceled in full, the tickets will be refunded and only in those conditions. If you have cancel your presence at the event, NO refund will be possible.

The arrival of the guests is not guaranteed, due to work commitments or other circumstances, causing them to cancel their presence. NO refunds will be given due to a guest cancellation. Unity Events will make every effort to replace them with a new guest.

Unity Events reserves the right to change the date and place of the event to get a maximum of guests present.

Please Note: TWO (2) guest VIP passes per person.

These passes are limited in quantity.

Your badge will be noted if you have Front Row or Preferred Seating during the panels, we ask you to respect the location assigned to you. NO exchanging of seats.

The Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel is offering a discounted room rate for those attending the Convention. Please see the event page for full details on how to book your room. Travel expenses and accommodation are the responsibility of the participant. In case of postponement, change of the place of the convention, or cancellation, Unity Events will not reimburse expenses incurred.

You agree by attending a Unity Events event, all personal rights or property for your image, which could appear in photographs or video recordings Unity Events could be used for advertising or commercial purposes.

Due to contracts, photography and cameras (including DSLR) are NOT permitted. We have an event photographer who will capture all the wonderful memories. The event photos will be posted online after the convention.

Non-compliance may result in the immediate dismissal of the convention WITHOUT refund.

When purchasing a pass, the autographs and photo ops included in the package will be chosen at the time of registration at the venue. Pass extras are available to purchase online and onsite.

Stay tuned for a link to select and purchase photo ops. Please note, these are in limited quantity by guest, we cannot guarantee a pass extra will not sell out before the convention.

The autographs and photo ops are the prices indicated on the Unity Events website and sold only to attendees who purchased a pass.

Unity Events disclaims any liability for non-fulfillment of an autograph or a photo op if the participant does not show up when it is called to do so.

The access to autographs, photo ops, and meet & greets will only be sold to participants in possession of a pass.

Unity Events is not responsible for the outcome of the photoshoot (closed eyes, etc.).

Please note: Maximum of two (2) attendees per photo op.

We remind you that the pass extras are limited.

It is strictly forbidden to make video recordings during the panels and in other activities that are part of the agreement.

Due to contracts, absolutely NO photography and video recording during the autograph sessions, photo ops and meet & greets (including using phone, tablet, camera, etc…). Doing so will result in immediate expulsion WITHOUT refund.

No gifts may be given to guests during the panels, photo ops, and meet & greets – only during autographs.

Please refrain from sharing personal stories with the guests. Social media is a wonderful platform which you can share your stories through. Doing so at the autograph table delays the schedule and takes away the guest’s time from other attendees. We ask that you respect this rule.

Cosplaying the characters from the show is highly encouraged. However, we have a strict NO WEAPONS policy – this goes for real and fake weapons. There have been too many unfortunate events going on in the world and this would take away from an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

All convention contracts allow celebrities to cancel if filming or other work arises, or, of course, if illness occurs. When you purchase a ticket you are purchasing a ticket to an event not an appearance of a particular guest. In the rare occasion that a guest cancels, Unity Events is only responsible for the refund (if you wish) or exchange for separate passes for that guests’ autograph, photo op, or duo photo ops in which they are included. If their signature is part of a package, Unity Events will do its best to offer other guests’ autograph(s) instead, but as cancellations often occur at the last minute, Unity Events is not obligated to do so.

Payment for Passes will go through Eventbrite.

The PASS will be awarded after the receipt FULL PASS and your location will be recorded at this time. All ticket prices are subject to change, please order as early as possible. Please feel free to contact us if any problems arise.

• Unity Events reserves the right to make any changes to the event due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances.

• Unity Events cannot be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage during the convention.

• Unity Events cannot be held responsible for any damage to property in the venue. The individual is responsible to pay for any damage done.

• The schedule of events is subject to change and in extreme cases, suffer cancellations. Unity Events is not responsible for these changes related to the unavailability of the guests or the demands of their agents. Therefore, NO refund will be possible.

• Unity Events will not be held responsible if the site is temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control.

• Unity Events provides a safe and harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of race, age, religion, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, or physical appearance

• Unity Events has the right to eject or refuse access to any individual who disrespects and/or assaults any of the parties previously listed on a NO REFUND basis. If you have any issues with anyone, please ask to speak to Leana or Miah immediately. One or both of them will be available at the convention and can be reached through registration or any staff member.

• By attending a Unity Events event, you agree to allow your image to be used on our website and in news documentaries or stories, either filmed by Unity Events or other entities.